What are Maze Games?

We all have had the best times of our childhood playing these games, right? Who has not just spend peaceful hours playing maze games? We all have!

What are Maze Games?

Maze games entered the game world in 1980’s and we all know what they are. It is a game where the entire game field is a maze and you need to play in the maze. A very quick player action is demanded for such games to escape the villains, opponent or outrage, whatever it is; because at the end, it is a maze you are defined to play within and oh, don’t forget the time limit-a lot of maze games have it.

Maze Games are adored by people of all ages. It is something so enjoyable and fun, that one cannot get tired of playing them. So if you want a really great time pass game, which gives you an excitement within, then you can get your hands on some really amazing and fun to play maze games.

Types of maze games

Well, there are a lot of types of maze games to be honest. The types don’t end up at a specific maze game. We come across so many games which have different types of mazes. Have you ever looked into it a bit deeper? How maze games differ from one another? Never? Well, here are some basic types of maze games, we all know about, or should know about, if we love playing them.

Maze Chase Games

We all are well aware of Pacman, aren’t we? Well it has been a great killer of childhood and seriously, my dad loved playing it as well. See the fame? The game was all about chasing the dots through the mazes as fast as possible, as the enemy pacs getting faster and faster. This is what chase games are in the maze.

Grid Capture Maze Games

I know, this type might sound weird and you might be like, are we studying or playing? But this is a type of maze game. Well, these are also known as coloring games. The thing about this type is almost same as the Pacman, but it has a lot of mazes and grids interlinking one another. Let’s say, it is a great confusion mess. If you have some really amazing hand on playing maze games, then you might have heard about these.

•    Time Runner
•    Macho Mouse
•    Kid Grid
•    Color Clash
•    Gapper

Another type is referred to as first person and top down maze games. There are a lot of maze games in these sectors and have been quite popular in their times as well. For instance, Robot Rescue was a success in 2009 and BOH was another amazing arcade maze game for the iOS systems. Faceball was a runner up in 2000 when the revolutionary time of the gaming world had kicked off.

We all have had the best times of our lives, playing some of these really great maze games for sure. If you want to add more fun to maze games, try playing scary maze game.